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There is a ton that we could say about the entire career of Leonardo DiCaprio, and of course as you probably already know through the rest of these articles in general we are talking about the career of Leonardo DiCaprio and all of his best movies. I think that before we really get into our next movie and the synopsis of the story and Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in that movie it is definitely important for us to understand that his ability to act and be something different than he actually is shows how incredible of an actor he has blossomed into, and as we look back into this career of his and his list of movies over the years you can definitely see an upwards trend in the types of movies that he was able to star in, but of course he did definitely get an incredible start out to his career with James Cameron in the movie Titanic, and I think it was through this movie that everyone in the world fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and he became an instant success after this film in the late 1990s. So for this particular article we are going to be talking about one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s first major feature roles in his role as Jack in Titanic, and you might want to get some tissues ready for this one because as we all know very well Titanic was a tear jerker for sure.

So yes, Leonardo DiCaprio was the star alongside Kate Winslett in this epic movie of the 1990s that depicted the true story of how the Titanic ship sunk after being called the unsinkable ship, and of course it was a cruise ship that was meant for the richest of people as well as working class people, and of course there was strict segregation from the rich and the poor on this boat. That is where the love story comes in with a poor guy who is Leonardo DiCaprio and a rich girl who fall in love with each other, but of course that is just the smaller details of the story. What is so amazing about this performance by Leonardo DiCaprio is that he was able to put himself out there as this new sex icon from Hollywood that was going to change the world and he definitely did a really great job portraying an artist who loves drawing naked women, and I know that for the most part Leonardo DiCaprio really loved this role because it showed that he could play in a sappy love story but also make it riveting. Of course for the most part this movie went on to make a ton of money and then this really catapulted Leonardo DiCaprio’s career as an actor and got him worldwide recognition and it was gravy from there and he was amazing in the film Limo San Jose, but he still had to do this movie the right way and he definitely nailed it. The way he dies is really epic as well and we all know that Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t normally die in his movies, but this death was absolutely awesome in every way and it totally made every girl in the world cry at a certain point in their lives.

Quentin Tarantino And Leo

Yes, when it comes to the career of any Hollywood actor in today’s age you have to think of the best careers coming from actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and that is because Leonardo DiCaprio definitely has been able to distinguish himself above the rest of the actors in Hollywood, and of course he has had the ability to pick and choose the movies that he wants to do, which is a great luxury for any actor. But of course Leonardo DiCaprio has done a marvelous job at making sure he picks roles in films that he is definitely more than capable of hitting out of the park, and I think for the most part he sees himself in roles before he does them, and maybe that goes for the writers as well, but of course he always seems to be a perfect match for a lot of his roles, but that just shows how good of an actor he is.

So yes, for the most part this entire list of articles and blogs is all about Leonardo DiCaprio and all of the illustrious roles he has done in some of his best movies, and as you can imagine there are a lot of great roles and movies to choose from on his career list, but we have narrowed down the very best and the next film that we are going to be talking about is Django Unchained and Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as the villain of the story through his role as Calvin Candie.

Now of course this is Leonardo DiCaprio and Quentin Tarantino’s first collaboration together but it surely was a fantastic role for Leonardo DiCaprio although it is very different than what we are used to seeing him as because for the most part we all see Leonardo DiCaprio playing the hero or the guy that all the women love, but in Django Unchained we see Leonardo DiCaprio play a racist slave owner, and this is very different than his normal roles. Nevertheless Leonardo DiCaprio did a fantastic job as Calvin Candie and he definitely nailed his southern accent on the head, which was definitely very impressive, and for the most part his entire performance was so full of passion and really made the movie a lot better than it would have been without him in that role. Of course Leonardo DiCaprio is not used to playing the villain of any story but he definitely has played renegades and bad guys that are good in certain ways, but this role was just pure bloody horrible and an evil role that epitomizes white privilege and all of that jazz, which is interesting because Leonardo DiCaprio kind of epitomizes white privilege as well, so he too was also a perfect pick for this role as well.

But when it comes down to it Leonardo DiCaprio is not the lead role in this movie at all, but he is a great supporting role and that is something that a lot of us should consider because he isn’t the main character in this movie, but Django was overall such a fantastic film that it made this an easy choice to put on the list of the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies, and it just goes to show that Leonardo DiCaprio can also play the bad guy just as well as the hero.

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Catch Me If You Can

When it comes to the best movies ever there are a lot that would have Leonardo DiCaprio in them, and that just goes to show how awesome of an actor Leonardo DiCaprio is in general. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those actors who is making his mark on the history of Hollywood and filmmaking in general right now in the present time and it is really a special treat to be alive while this is happening throughout his career, and I know that as he ages his roles will start to change but he still is going to be a legendary actor no matter what because of what he has been able to accomplish this far throughout his career. So for the most part this entire list of articles and blogs is a testament to how incredible Leonardo DiCaprio’s career has been so far, and we know that this means that we are going to be talking about some of the best movies in Leonardo DiCaprio’s career, and for this particular article we are going to go back a good amount of years and talk about Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch me if you Can.

Leonardo DiCaprio really was the perfect match for this role as well, and it is cool that he has said in recent interviews that his father really wanted him to do this role, and I think that this really paid off for him in the long run because we got to see that Leonardo DiCaprio had the ability to star in a Stephen Spielberg movie alongside Tom Hanks, and of course he was a rebel of a character who was just off the charts crazy and awesome in so many different ways. What is so freaking cool about all of this is that we all believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is capable of all of this and he really is that good at acting because he puts himself in these roles, and for instance this one is all about a real person who was a con artist in the 1960s, and of course it just makes sense to see him on screen making fools of everyone because he kind of is doing this in general with his life by being such a big star in general in Hollywood.

It’s funny that Leonardo DiCaprio was able to pull off such an awesome role as a criminal in Catch me if you Can, and of course Tom Hanks was the perfect combination actor for this film as the cop as well and the two of them acting off one another was really a magical thing to witness because they both are just such awesome actors and we can see that in terms of their abilities and that is something that a lot of people don’t recognize right away.

So when we think of the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies of his entire career we know that this particular film is definitely up there as one of his best and that is easy because this movie was just so critically acclaimed and helped him boost his career even more to where it is today at the top of Hollywood’s A List.

The Great Gatsby

When it comes to the best actors in all of Hollywood we have to think about Leonardo DiCaprio in that type of situation. It is just common sense that Leonardo DiCaprio has emerged himself as the number one actor in all of Hollywood especially now that he has won his first Oscar for his performance in The Revenant just here in 2016, but of course we are not doing all of these articles to talk about The Revenant although we think it is a masterpiece, but we are here to talk about some of the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies throughout his entire career, and there really are a bunch of really great movies that he was a part of in recent years, and we know that you know some of his best performances so we are going to be getting into another one very quickly in this particular article. The thing is that we all see Leonardo DiCaprio as this very suave and handsome actor that all the women go crazy about, and it is just part of who he is at this point and there is nothing wrong with this at all, but this is exactly why he was such a great option for the role of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. There is one thing that we should also consider about this movie before we get into evaluating his performance and that is that him and Tobey Maguire are actually really good friends from childhood and that is partly why they made this movie because they were able to work together and they really were the perfect combination for a story like Gatsby, and Leonardo DiCaprio was the perfect option for Gatsby.

The thing is that you have to consider who the character of Gatsby is and that is a young man who got really lucky during the prohibition years and became a multi millionaire through a lot of luck and whatever I don’t want to ruin the story, but the point is that Leonardo DiCaprio really is the real life version of a Gatsby through Hollywood and he too embodies young success and that is something that I think is really important because he was able to so flawlessly do the role of Gatsby. The thing is that if someone else did this role we would all be questioning if they were cool enough or awesome enough to play a role like Gatsby, but because it was Leonardo DiCaprio no one even batted an eye because it just seemed so perfect, and it really was. This is the book that changed the entire world and is still considered to be one of the best books ever written, and now we see Leonardo DiCaprio doing the title role in one of his best movies of his entire career, and he really did hit it out of the park with this movie.

So if you have not yet seen the Great Gatsby then you definitely should check it out because it is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies and that is saying something because he really has a ton of great performances throughout his career, and we are really happy to have you reading this type of content online and we know that you will really enjoy reading some more of these articles so please continue on and continue to read about some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies.

The Departed

There is no doubt about it that when it comes to the current generation of Hollywood actors we have to consider Leonardo DiCaprio to be one of the most influential actors in recent years, and this has to do with all of the great films that he has been a part of in recent years. And so for the most part what we are doing with this list of articles and blogs is talking about some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best roles in some of his best movies and there definitely is a lot to choose from so we definitely are going to make sure that we pick out our very best options from his illustrious career. The thing that makes Leonardo DiCaprio such a fantastic actor is that he really has this presence in all of his movies that is unmistakable and he definitely starts to embody all of his roles in such a professional manner, and I think that this has been his way of acting even since he was just a little kid and that speaks volumes for him as an actor and of course his career. So the next movie that we are going to talk about comes from one of the best movies that Leonardo DiCaprio did while teaming up with very awesome filmmaker Martin Scorsese, and we already have talked about Wolf of Wall Street, which was great, but this film that we are going to talk about is with Jack Nicholson and a whole awesome crew in general and it is called The Departed.

The Departed is definitely one of the best mafia or mob movies ever made and it definitely has this very realistic sense to it because it technically is based off of a real story, but it is definitely full of Scorsese violence and blood just like everyone is really interested in, but of course Leonardo DiCaprio plays the main role for the most part although there is just so many great actors in this movie, but Leonardo DiCaprio’s role was definitely a big part of The Departed. He plays a character who is an undercover cop working as a gangster with Jack Nicholson’s mafia gang, and this is something that a lot of people should consider to be one of his very best roles in his career because it definitely was a really dramatic movie and it showed that he could be the lead in a movie that is full of Hollywood stars. It also showed just another case of his ability to change his voice and join in on a character who in this case sounds like he is from Boston, which isn’t always the easiest accent to nail in terms of acting, but he got it fine and did a great job being a kid from Boston whose an undercover cop.

So yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is an awesome actor and he deserves all the credit that he is getting in recent months and years, and for the most part when we look back at his career in movies like The Departed we can totally see that he is the type of actor who will send it as hard as he can within any type of role, and that he is also emerging himself as the number one actor in all of Hollywood, and that is really saying something.







Best Leo

Best Leonardo DiCaprio movies

I think that it is pretty safe to say that everyone in the United States and pretty much all fans of movies and films in general all across the world are obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio and that is something that a lot of people might not understand if they aren’t a huge film fan, but of course all women think he is one of the hottest men on earth and he is definitely one of the best actors of our time and he is just hitting his prime right now. There definitely is a lot that we can say about Leonardo’s performance in The Revenant which he just won his first Oscar for, but of course he has also created so many other great characters besides Hugh Glass, but of course we are here to talk about the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies throughout his entire career and that means that we are definitely going to be talking about much more than his most recent film, and in this article we are going to be talking about The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Wolf of Wall Street is definitely one of my personal favorite movies with Leonardo DiCaprio in it and I think that it might be one of his funniest movies that he’s ever been in an as well, and that is because he took the entire concept of the character of Jordan Belfort and made it his own, and he of course really fit the part because all of us could really believe that he would be able to make a bunch of money on Wall Street and become a huge success because one of the things that everyone thinks about when they see Leonardo DiCaprio is success. He has been arguably the most successful actor in recent years, and that is because he has picked really great movies to be a part of and The Wolf of Wall Street is no exception to that at all because it is definitely the type of film that gets people excited and makes them want to do a bunch of drugs. This is just one of those things that a lot of people think about when it comes to this movie but of course Leonardo DiCaprio is what makes this movie so good and that is because of his ability to perform and be an awesome actor and that is just one part of his prowess as a great actor.

So the story of this movie goes that a young kid ends up finding a loophole in Wall Street and making a huge amount of money just sucking normal people into buying stocks that he already owns and then just making a crap ton of money in the process by buying stock that he already owns through rat hole people who worked for him so that he pretty much was buying stock for himself and just getting straight up cash in the millions and that was obviously illegal and why he went to jail. But hey, the antics of his office and the crazy partying that they did in real life was legendary, and that is partly why Leonardo DiCaprio knew he wanted to get involved with this type of film.