Catch Me If You Can

When it comes to the best movies ever there are a lot that would have Leonardo DiCaprio in them, and that just goes to show how awesome of an actor Leonardo DiCaprio is in general. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those actors who is making his mark on the history of Hollywood and filmmaking in general right now in the present time and it is really a special treat to be alive while this is happening throughout his career, and I know that as he ages his roles will start to change but he still is going to be a legendary actor no matter what because of what he has been able to accomplish this far throughout his career. So for the most part this entire list of articles and blogs is a testament to how incredible Leonardo DiCaprio’s career has been so far, and we know that this means that we are going to be talking about some of the best movies in Leonardo DiCaprio’s career, and for this particular article we are going to go back a good amount of years and talk about Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch me if you Can.

Leonardo DiCaprio really was the perfect match for this role as well, and it is cool that he has said in recent interviews that his father really wanted him to do this role, and I think that this really paid off for him in the long run because we got to see that Leonardo DiCaprio had the ability to star in a Stephen Spielberg movie alongside Tom Hanks, and of course he was a rebel of a character who was just off the charts crazy and awesome in so many different ways. What is so freaking cool about all of this is that we all believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is capable of all of this and he really is that good at acting because he puts himself in these roles, and for instance this one is all about a real person who was a con artist in the 1960s, and of course it just makes sense to see him on screen making fools of everyone because he kind of is doing this in general with his life by being such a big star in general in Hollywood.

It’s funny that Leonardo DiCaprio was able to pull off such an awesome role as a criminal in Catch me if you Can, and of course Tom Hanks was the perfect combination actor for this film as the cop as well and the two of them acting off one another was really a magical thing to witness because they both are just such awesome actors and we can see that in terms of their abilities and that is something that a lot of people don’t recognize right away.

So when we think of the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies of his entire career we know that this particular film is definitely up there as one of his best and that is easy because this movie was just so critically acclaimed and helped him boost his career even more to where it is today at the top of Hollywood’s A List.