James Cameron

There is a ton that we could say about the entire career of Leonardo DiCaprio, and of course as you probably already know through the rest of these articles in general we are talking about the career of Leonardo DiCaprio and all of his best movies. I think that before we really get into our next movie and the synopsis of the story and Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in that movie it is definitely important for us to understand that his ability to act and be something different than he actually is shows how incredible of an actor he has blossomed into, and as we look back into this career of his and his list of movies over the years you can definitely see an upwards trend in the types of movies that he was able to star in, but of course he did definitely get an incredible start out to his career with James Cameron in the movie Titanic, and I think it was through this movie that everyone in the world fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and he became an instant success after this film in the late 1990s. So for this particular article we are going to be talking about one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s first major feature roles in his role as Jack in Titanic, and you might want to get some tissues ready for this one because as we all know very well Titanic was a tear jerker for sure.

So yes, Leonardo DiCaprio was the star alongside Kate Winslett in this epic movie of the 1990s that depicted the true story of how the Titanic ship sunk after being called the unsinkable ship, and of course it was a cruise ship that was meant for the richest of people as well as working class people, and of course there was strict segregation from the rich and the poor on this boat. That is where the love story comes in with a poor guy who is Leonardo DiCaprio and a rich girl who fall in love with each other, but of course that is just the smaller details of the story. What is so amazing about this performance by Leonardo DiCaprio is that he was able to put himself out there as this new sex icon from Hollywood that was going to change the world and he definitely did a really great job portraying an artist who loves drawing naked women, and I know that for the most part Leonardo DiCaprio really loved this role because it showed that he could play in a sappy love story but also make it riveting. Of course for the most part this movie went on to make a ton of money and then this really catapulted Leonardo DiCaprio’s career as an actor and got him worldwide recognition and it was gravy from there and he was amazing in the film Limo San Jose, but he still had to do this movie the right way and he definitely nailed it. The way he dies is really epic as well and we all know that Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t normally die in his movies, but this death was absolutely awesome in every way and it totally made every girl in the world cry at a certain point in their lives.