Quentin Tarantino And Leo

Yes, when it comes to the career of any Hollywood actor in today’s age you have to think of the best careers coming from actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and that is because Leonardo DiCaprio definitely has been able to distinguish himself above the rest of the actors in Hollywood, and of course he has had the ability to pick and choose the movies that he wants to do, which is a great luxury for any actor. But of course Leonardo DiCaprio has done a marvelous job at making sure he picks roles in films that he is definitely more than capable of hitting out of the park, and I think for the most part he sees himself in roles before he does them, and maybe that goes for the writers as well, but of course he always seems to be a perfect match for a lot of his roles, but that just shows how good of an actor he is.

So yes, for the most part this entire list of articles and blogs is all about Leonardo DiCaprio and all of the illustrious roles he has done in some of his best movies, and as you can imagine there are a lot of great roles and movies to choose from on his career list, but we have narrowed down the very best and the next film that we are going to be talking about is Django Unchained and Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as the villain of the story through his role as Calvin Candie.

Now of course this is Leonardo DiCaprio and Quentin Tarantino’s first collaboration together but it surely was a fantastic role for Leonardo DiCaprio although it is very different than what we are used to seeing him as because for the most part we all see Leonardo DiCaprio playing the hero or the guy that all the women love, but in Django Unchained we see Leonardo DiCaprio play a racist slave owner, and this is very different than his normal roles. Nevertheless Leonardo DiCaprio did a fantastic job as Calvin Candie and he definitely nailed his southern accent on the head, which was definitely very impressive, and for the most part his entire performance was so full of passion and really made the movie a lot better than it would have been without him in that role. Of course Leonardo DiCaprio is not used to playing the villain of any story but he definitely has played renegades and bad guys that are good in certain ways, but this role was just pure bloody horrible and an evil role that epitomizes white privilege and all of that jazz, which is interesting because Leonardo DiCaprio kind of epitomizes white privilege as well, so he too was also a perfect pick for this role as well.

But when it comes down to it Leonardo DiCaprio is not the lead role in this movie at all, but he is a great supporting role and that is something that a lot of us should consider because he isn’t the main character in this movie, but Django was overall such a fantastic film that it made this an easy choice to put on the list of the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies, and it just goes to show that Leonardo DiCaprio can also play the bad guy just as well as the hero.

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