The Departed

There is no doubt about it that when it comes to the current generation of Hollywood actors we have to consider Leonardo DiCaprio to be one of the most influential actors in recent years, and this has to do with all of the great films that he has been a part of in recent years. And so for the most part what we are doing with this list of articles and blogs is talking about some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best roles in some of his best movies and there definitely is a lot to choose from so we definitely are going to make sure that we pick out our very best options from his illustrious career. The thing that makes Leonardo DiCaprio such a fantastic actor is that he really has this presence in all of his movies that is unmistakable and he definitely starts to embody all of his roles in such a professional manner, and I think that this has been his way of acting even since he was just a little kid and that speaks volumes for him as an actor and of course his career. So the next movie that we are going to talk about comes from one of the best movies that Leonardo DiCaprio did while teaming up with very awesome filmmaker Martin Scorsese, and we already have talked about Wolf of Wall Street, which was great, but this film that we are going to talk about is with Jack Nicholson and a whole awesome crew in general and it is called The Departed.

The Departed is definitely one of the best mafia or mob movies ever made and it definitely has this very realistic sense to it because it technically is based off of a real story, but it is definitely full of Scorsese violence and blood just like everyone is really interested in, but of course Leonardo DiCaprio plays the main role for the most part although there is just so many great actors in this movie, but Leonardo DiCaprio’s role was definitely a big part of The Departed. He plays a character who is an undercover cop working as a gangster with Jack Nicholson’s mafia gang, and this is something that a lot of people should consider to be one of his very best roles in his career because it definitely was a really dramatic movie and it showed that he could be the lead in a movie that is full of Hollywood stars. It also showed just another case of his ability to change his voice and join in on a character who in this case sounds like he is from Boston, which isn’t always the easiest accent to nail in terms of acting, but he got it fine and did a great job being a kid from Boston whose an undercover cop.

So yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is an awesome actor and he deserves all the credit that he is getting in recent months and years, and for the most part when we look back at his career in movies like The Departed we can totally see that he is the type of actor who will send it as hard as he can within any type of role, and that he is also emerging himself as the number one actor in all of Hollywood, and that is really saying something.