The Great Gatsby

When it comes to the best actors in all of Hollywood we have to think about Leonardo DiCaprio in that type of situation. It is just common sense that Leonardo DiCaprio has emerged himself as the number one actor in all of Hollywood especially now that he has won his first Oscar for his performance in The Revenant just here in 2016, but of course we are not doing all of these articles to talk about The Revenant although we think it is a masterpiece, but we are here to talk about some of the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies throughout his entire career, and there really are a bunch of really great movies that he was a part of in recent years, and we know that you know some of his best performances so we are going to be getting into another one very quickly in this particular article. The thing is that we all see Leonardo DiCaprio as this very suave and handsome actor that all the women go crazy about, and it is just part of who he is at this point and there is nothing wrong with this at all, but this is exactly why he was such a great option for the role of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. There is one thing that we should also consider about this movie before we get into evaluating his performance and that is that him and Tobey Maguire are actually really good friends from childhood and that is partly why they made this movie because they were able to work together and they really were the perfect combination for a story like Gatsby, and Leonardo DiCaprio was the perfect option for Gatsby.

The thing is that you have to consider who the character of Gatsby is and that is a young man who got really lucky during the prohibition years and became a multi millionaire through a lot of luck and whatever I don’t want to ruin the story, but the point is that Leonardo DiCaprio really is the real life version of a Gatsby through Hollywood and he too embodies young success and that is something that I think is really important because he was able to so flawlessly do the role of Gatsby. The thing is that if someone else did this role we would all be questioning if they were cool enough or awesome enough to play a role like Gatsby, but because it was Leonardo DiCaprio no one even batted an eye because it just seemed so perfect, and it really was. This is the book that changed the entire world and is still considered to be one of the best books ever written, and now we see Leonardo DiCaprio doing the title role in one of his best movies of his entire career, and he really did hit it out of the park with this movie.

So if you have not yet seen the Great Gatsby then you definitely should check it out because it is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies and that is saying something because he really has a ton of great performances throughout his career, and we are really happy to have you reading this type of content online and we know that you will really enjoy reading some more of these articles so please continue on and continue to read about some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies.